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Vinegar vs. disinfectant: the cleaning champion you didn’t know you needed. 

Did you know that disinfectants contain harsh chemicals that have hidden long-term effects on your health? You probably use them to get rid of the unseen germs in your home, but in reality, it’s causing unseen damage to some of your sensitive organs.  Disinfectants contain some components like Glutaraldehyde, Peracetic acid, Sodium hypochlorite, and others […]

6 industries that benefit from professional cleaning services more than you think

In the bustling world of cleaning, there’s a common misconception that only certain industries require professional cleaning assistance. However, the reality is far from that thought. Cleanliness is a universal need that transcends sectors and niches.  In this blog post, we’re here to shed light on the lesser-known industries that can greatly benefit from the […]