4 ways to make your cleaning routine easy.

African american man in glasses putting on yellow rubber gloves for cleaning.

The sad truth is, not everyone likes cleaning. Not everyone wakes up and says, ‘Today is a lovely day to clean.’ Cleaning, however, the disgust, is something that one must do mandatorily to maintain a healthy and socially acceptable lifestyle. 

 Avoiding cleaning will cause so much damage to your health, you would have preferred to clean instead. Although there are options to save you from the misery of such a tedious task, there are other alternatives that can help you sweeten up your cleaning routine and ensure you have fun, or at least, have it easier.  

when you’re faced with a chore like cleaning your own apartment, these are tips you can use. Here is a nice and clean list just for you: 


Hygiene is not a choice, it’s a must. When it comes to cleaning, you don’t have to feel ready, you have to be ready. Aside from it being stressful, cleanliness has some awesome benefits that would convince you to clean. 


  •  It helps you stay organized:

    Ever heard the phrase, “cleanliness is next to godliness?” Knowing exactly where to turn for your stuff, making sure your stuff is arranged is enough to let everyone know one thing about you; that you’re organized. Cleaning your home regularly helps you stay organized. You know where all your things are and don’t waste time trying to find your keys or important documents.  Wouldn’t you like that for yourself? 

  • Avoid spreading germs: 

    Keeping a clean space will help prevent the spread of germs and keep you healthy. Cleaning up spills, vacuuming your carpets, and keeping your kitchen and bathroom clean will kill germs.  It’s one thing to fall sick, but it’s another to make sure your environment doesn’t make you an easy prey for viruses and diseases. You can do all that by cleaning your home and surroundings. 

  • Keeps out pests: Bugs and rodents are attracted to spills, food particles, and other sources of food.  If you don’t clean your kitchen, dining room, and another place you eat, you have a higher chance of having unwanted pests.   

You know what that means, right? Not only are pests unpleasant, but they also spread germs and allergens we are trying to prevent. Cleaning is a collective effort, there’s no such thing as being ‘too clean. With that said, let’s show you how you can sweeten up your cleaning process. 


Since this chore is something everyone wants to get over quickly, providing tips that can make the task enjoyable will be a welcome idea. As cleaning professionals, one thing we’ve always done is ensure we bring fun to work. 

There is never a dull moment when we clean, and these tips will show you why. 

  1. CLEANING PRODUCTS/PROPER EQUIPMENT: What makes cleaning difficult most times is the ignorance of what to ease the process. Sometimes, all you need might be a simple solution to that stain on the rug that you spend almost all-day scrubbing. 

If you can get the right products and equipment, you will spend less time cleaning, and have more time to enjoy doing whatever it is you do to relax. 

  1. MUSIC: You clean faster when your favourite song is on. You barely even feel the sweat dripping from your face. Music is therapeutic, especially when doing a chore like cleaning. The next time you clean, find a tune and get to work.  

You’ll thank us later. 

  1.   CLEANING SCHEDULE: Who said you have to clean all the time? With a simple schedule, you won’t have a lot of work whenever you choose to clean. It could be daily, weekly, or even monthly. Whichever way is convenient for you, but for this to be effective, there are some habits you need to cultivate. 


  1. DEVELOP CERTAIN HABITS: Remember the habits we talked about in the last point? Well, here they are. The truth is; this is what everyone knows but no one practices, cleaning is most stressful because it is an accumulation of smaller chores you neglected to do. So, habits like washing dishes daily, cleaning the shower before a bath, packing laundry into a basket, or even sweeping the apartment daily will save you the stress of doing more when you decide it’s cleaning day. 

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